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What Is A Headband Wig And Steps & Tips To Wear it?

What Is A Headband Wig And Steps & Tips To Wear it?


  • What is a headband wig?
  • How To Wear Headband Wigs?
  • Difference between headband wigs and regular lace wigs?
  1. Installation
  2. Hairline
  3. Price
  • Tips on wearing a headband wig naturally

A headband wig is a new style of wig, you can see people wear these all over YouTube or other channels, it’s convenient to put on and remove, it’s just made with a piece of material resembling a headband, If you look close you will see just a little tiny lump where the black headband sew on, stretchy soft part, have the sticky Velcro.

Headband wigs inside like the regular cap construction behind the lace, it has three combs, one in the right, one in the left, and one in the back to help you not feel like it’s going to slide off.

Headband wigs are friendly for wig beginners, no lace no glue. You can throw it on your head and go in seconds.

Here are few steps to install the Human hair headband wig.

Step1.Brush hair back and lay baby hair

Brush all your hair back and not to part your hair will look better, You can use a small brush to put some of your real hair to lay baby hair will make it looks more natural.

Step2.Put on wig and use Velcro tight the wig

Throw a headband wig on your head directly and take the front comb up top. Take the headband and use Velcro to tight the wig, also make sure the bottom comb is attached. Once you use Velcro latch the headband part, it feels not going anywhere or you don’t worry about it fall down.

Step3.Put the headband on the top and do stylish

You can choose the headband you like, in summer, put it into a ponytail and choose the colorful headband.If you want to keep your wig stable, choose the wide headband to make it more secure,also can help you hide the black headband.


A human hair wig is an essential thing in your daily life, here are some differences between headband wigs and regular lace wigs.

A headband is easy to put on, just throw it on your head to secure the bands behind your ears and go in seconds, no glue no lace, it’s also easy to adjust, just use Velcro. A regular lace wig needs glue, and cut the lace, some various steps to put on your head, and when you want to adjust it, you need to take it off and brush your hairline again, then use glue to adjust. Regular lace wigs are considered to be more complicated than headband Wigs. Headband wigs are friendly to wig beginners.

A headband wig allows you to show your hairline, you only can use your hairline when you put on a headband wig. A regular wig has three hairlines to choose from, Pre-plucked hairline, Natural hairline, and Widow’s peak, you can choose the hairline you like, and you don’t need to deal with your hairline. Regular wigs give you more options for the hairline. Headband wigs allow your scalp to breathe and give you a natural look for your hairline.

A headband wig’s price is friendly for people who have limited funds. Headband wigs and regular wigs are made of 100% human hair, but the price of headband wigs is more competitive, you can choose whichever you like. A regular wig is more expensive than a headband wig. Affordable headband wig for every girl.

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Sometimes your face shape will affect the headband wig’s effects. Part of being natural with your headband wig is to know how to put headbands with different face shapes.

1. If your face is OVAL when you put on the headband wig, don’t push the headband back more because it’s almost going to go higher up on the oval face of your head and going to fall off the back, which will get a little bit weird, so put it around your hairline will be great, stable and natural.

2. If your face is long, when you put on a headband wig, you can choose the curly or weave one, even if you can choose the headband wig that adds bangs, then put wide headbands on the top will look more natural.

3.If you have a round face shape, the best length of the headband wig is 20 inches or longer, make the face appear longer.