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About Us



We've come a long way since establishment in 2009, so we know exactly which one should take when supplying you with high quality yet budget friendly products.

In a world full of vibrancy and creativity, every young person longs to showcase their unique personality. Hair is a part of our appearance that can convey our style and individuality. However, trying different hairstyles isn't always easy. To address this issue, LinkToHair was established with the aim of allowing young people to effortlessly achieve the looks they desire with high-quality wigs.

The founder of LinkToHair, Tin, is a passionate young hairstylist. He has always had a strong interest in hairstyles and particularly enjoys trying out various novel looks. However, she found that many young people couldn't easily experiment with and switch between different hairstyles due to limitations in time, skills, and resources. Samantha realized that to enable young people to quickly achieve their styling dreams, she needed to create a simple, practical, and high-quality solution.

Thus, LinkToHair was born. This brand focuses on providing high-quality wig products for young people in the United States, making it easier for them to create a range of captivating hairstyles. LinkToHair's products are made with the finest materials to ensure that each wig has a natural feel and attractive appearance. In addition, LinkToHair's design team constantly follows fashion trends, offering customers a variety of stylish and unique hairstyle choices.

LinkToHair believes that everyone should have the opportunity to showcase their distinctive style without having to invest significant time and effort. This is precisely the meaning behind the brand slogan "Luminous Hair, Heavenly Looks," signifying that with LinkToHair's wig products, young people can effortlessly achieve radiant hairstyles and enchanting looks.

Today, LinkToHair has become a favorite among young people in the United States, helping them easily switch between styles for different occasions, moods, and preferences. From parties and dates to everyday life, LinkToHair enables everyone to shine and display their innate beauty.


  • You can be confident that when you order through LinktoHair that we will make the whole process run smoothly, and gladly work out any kinks that do arise.
  • We answer every email within 48 hours. We take your satisfaction very seriously, as we truly want you to have a positive experience when buying from our company.
  • We are really proud and excited to offer you such a great product that increases confidence.
  • Currently our products are shipped directly to our customers! This means you get FREE Shipping! 🙂


  • Hoping to empower every black women in America to feel confident.
  • Reducing styling difficulty, offering various pre-styled wigs to enable black women in America to quickly achieve diverse hairstyles for easy daily maintenance and outdoor styling


  • This is a wig brand dedicated to providing high-quality hairstyles for young people in the United States. Our aim is to reduce the difficulty of styling and offer various attractive wig hairstyles, enabling people to quickly and easily achieve the styles they love and have different choices for each day.
  • Our staff is on hand 24/7 to meet the questions and needs of our customers. You can contact us at service@linktohair.com


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